Petfriender Launches New Website & Provides a Current State of the Union

Petfriender Launches New Website & Provides a Current State of the Union

It’s our “Coming Out Party” and we’re here to celebrate with a shiny new website!  –How do we look?

When we launched Petfriender at the end of March 2016, we were clueless when it came to building websites, getting URLs, and finding web hosts.  So, we launched a free site ( in order to get a basic online presence as we began building our clientele and our business.

A lot has happened between March and August 2016 that we’re very proud of:

  • Animal clients have increased to 46 animals (30 dogs, 16 cats)
  • Personal assistance services have increased to 10 clients
  • Finalized legal contract to protect pet customers
  • Created Petfriender logo and slogan
  • Social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Instagram
  • Setup scheduling and payment phone app to manage appointments and make invoicing and payments customer-friendly
  • Marketed to El Cerrito in the local newsletter, made two marketing drops, and provided business information at the El Cerrito Community Block Party
  • Contributed to our first fundraiser to support our preferred animal rescue, Southern California German Shepherd Rescue
  • Learned about webpage development, design, hosting, and launched our new webpage,


Have you seen our logo and slogan since we designed it?  Oh, you haven’t?  Well here… take a gander…

Happy Pets | Happy Humans | Happy Homes

Here’s a story of a lovely logo… (-did you sing the Brady Bunch theme song when you read that?)

Although the services we offer are primarily geared toward animals, Petfriender is a full Home Management service offering not only dog walking and pet sitting to pets, but also personal assistance services to their humans!  Our typical clients love their pets, but they’re also busy professionals who could use an extra hand in managing home and even business tasks.  –We handle our clients lives, while they are free to enjoy it! –Get it?!

Happy Pets | Happy Humans | Happy Homes

What’s next?

Well, now that we have a real URL (, a professional website (that we built for free with the help of San Diego Community College District), and a logo (which we designed and created on our own)… now we “officially launch”!  If we had a crystal ball, we’d predict t-shirts, hats, and press releases in our immediate future!  …Maybe even some helpful resources and product reviews, as well as a growing blog (with posts like this), so that you can keep up with us!

But before all that…

We’d like to draw your attention to the faces of our website during this launch.  Two very special dogs, Ziggy and Miles who are our inspiration:

Ziggy is the cute young German Shepherd with the floppy ears.  We foster Ziggy through Southern California German Shepherd Rescue while he awaits his forever home.  He’s faced a tough road, but he has persevered and is now thriving.  Rescue is a huge part of our life, and we wish to do all we can to promote our foster babies to ensure they find loving homes.  -And if they stay local to us in the College Area, the better!  Any time you are looking to add to your family, we hope you’ll consider adopting.  View Ziggy’s adoption profile and apply to adopt him from SCGSR.

2016-06-17 13.06.40 - Ziggy

Miles is the adorable Border Collie Mix with the button nose and gorgeous smile.  This sweet guy will forever hold a very special place in our hearts.  One of our very first clients, he loved his walks and liked to spend his time taking in and enjoying all the smells along his path.  If we as humans could enjoy the simple basics of life like Miles, we would find true happiness.  Unfortunately, Miles suffered from a diaphragmatic hernia and crossed the rainbow bridge from complications after surgery.  He is greatly missed.

We loved you sweet Miles! Run free across the Rainbow Bridge!

Thank you all for being with us on our journey and for your support of local business!  Let us know how you like the new site, and please be sure to keep up with us on all of our social media outlets!

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