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El Cerrito Reviews

“I can’t overstate how good it feels to keep a running list of things that I don’t want to do (but need to get done anyway), and on Tuesday afternoons, Jolie comes and does them.  In addition to walking and bathing the dogs, she’s willing to run errands (groceries, car wash, laundry, dry cleaning, goodwill drops, etc.), find answers to questions (where do I dispose of this toxic stuff? is my computer drive wiped clean enough to donate? etc.)…and on Mother’s Day, I received my first ever greeting card in the mail from my dogs (with a little help from Jolie).” -Elissa Ellis-MacLeod, El Cerrito (Read Full Review)

“I can personally vouch for them.  A very talented, passionate and trustworthy couple.  From pet sitting to small home repairs contact them to inquire about anything you need.” -Susan Rosenberg, El Cerrito (Read Full Review)

Rolando Reviews

“I needed a little help organizing my garage, and had remembered seeing on Next Door that a neighbor of ours was offering personal assistance services, so I reached out, and am so glad I did! Jolie and I spent 3 hours together today which was the motivation I needed to make decisions on keeping or donating items. Having a helper kept me on task, which is just what I asked for! In just a few hours, we made a nice dent on the work that needed to be done and I can walk into my garage now without feeling overwhelmed and stressed! …(she pet sits, too)!” -Lisa Walker, Rolando (Read Full Review)

“…What a delight to discover Jolie Gischer! With her cheerful yet calm personality, excellent organizational skills, can-do attitude, and creative, trouble-shooting mind, we’ve gotten lots done in just two 2.5 hour sessions! …Affordable, reliable, efficient, and fun to have around, Jolie is a perfect person to call upon if you need someone to help you with organizing, de-cluttering, and generally getting a jump-start on your to-do list. I give her my highest recommendation!” -Alisa Malinovich, Rolando (Read Full Review)

La Mesa Reviews

“Jolie and Aaron have volunteered with Southern California German Shepherd Rescue for three years. They are compassionate, reliable, energetic, honest, upbeat and friendly and I know for a fact they can handle anything pet-related from your tiny sick kitten that needs medication to your Great Dane who loves to make you fly on walks! You won’t regret hiring Petfriender!” -Marcy Astorino, La Mesa (Read Full Review)

Del Cerro Reviews

“I have known Aaron and Jolie for over 10 years and ever since I brought my cat home five years ago they have been the go to people when ever I need somebody to take care of her. You couldn’t ask for a more loving or dedicated team!” -Melissa Mitchell, Del Cerro (Read Full Review)

Santee Reviews

“I have known Jolie for 10+ years and can’t say enough about her professionalism and caring heart. She is extremely organized, reliable and detail oriented with a very caring personality. She loves her animals and her heart for rescue is unparalleled. I would highly recommend her services and guarantee that it will be the best decision you ever made!” -Kari Schaffner, Santee (Read Full Review)

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